Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Wedding Day

 Excitement was running high as everyone got ready for the wedding. 
 The girls helped each other get ready.  They normally don't wear makeup, but they all thought a touch for the wedding would be nice  :)
The girls went out for a pre-wedding photo shoot.
 The bridesmaids were all Deborah and Trey's sisters.  From left to right:  Tegan, Taryn, Anna, Deborah, Abigail and Tsahavah.  The front row:  Sarah, Teshuva and Tovah

 Once the girls were all ready, they came out and mingled with the crowd.  They weren't quite able to visit because the nervous butterflies were too strong. They were there to represent the bride of the Messiah waiting for the Bridegroom.  We are waiting for Yeshua (Jesus) to take us to the marriage feast.
 Deborah's bridesmaids were there to make sure her dress remained spotless for her bridegroom :)

Because scripture over and over uses marriage to teach us how our relationship should be with Yahwh, particularly with regards to His return,we did our best to make Trey and Deborah's wedding reflect the picture we see in scripture.
 As we all eagerly awaited the bridegroom's arrival, Paul gathered us together and read from Hosea, Jeremiah, Ephesians, Revelations and Matthew 24.  These passages describe the picture of the bride and the bridegroom culminating with the bridegroom returning for His bride.
 My handsome husband.

And then we waited, and speculated.  When will he get here?  Which direction will he be coming from?  Can you see him?  Can you hear his truck?  Are you ready for His coming?

 Meanwhile, "back at the ranch" (Paul's cousin, Nick & Janee's house), the guys were getting ready.

                                                            Zac is calming Trey's nerves.
David is taking full advantage of the occasion to splurge on some sweet tea.  Fortunately he also took advantage of the bathroom before they headed out to meet Trey's bride.  :)

The time, picked by Trey's father Shannon to keep the scriptural picture intact, drew near.

 The guys found time for a few fun photos on their way to the wedding.

 The groomsmen were all Trey and Deborah's brothers and brothers-by-marriage.
From left to right: Carter Hughes, who is betrothed to Trey's sister Taryn, Tyler Lance, Dayton Warren, Trey, Caleb Brendemuhl, Jacob Lance, Joshua Brendemuhl, Quentin Brendemuhl and on the front row:  Benjamin Brendemuhl, David Brendemuhl and Titus Lance.
 The guys decided to sneak in the back of Grandma Effie's farm to surprise everyone with Trey's arrival.

The groomsmen ran on ahead to announce their arrival while Shannon and Trey made their way across the field.

Pictures from the ceremony are coming up next.  Thanks to Sarah and Will Warren of A-Team photography   for all the wonderful photos.  Thanks also to Janee Brendemuhl who took some great photos that I added to the posts.


Tewauna said...

Oh my word! Deborah looks sooo beautiful! What a lovely wedding! Wish we had of been able to attend. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the ceremony. Mazel tov to the happy couple!!!

Susan said...

Thanks Tewauna, I wish you could have been there too. It was a lot of fun!
Blessing to all your family!

Abbey said...

So sorry it didn't work to come and join you all. I know one day our paths will all cross. What a beautiful blessed ceremony!!
Shabbat Shalom!