Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Ceremony

 The guys stopped behind some trees to blow their shofars to announce the coming of the bridegroom.
 Then they ran into the yard to prepare for Trey's arrival.
 Trey ran in searching the crowd for Deborah.
 Deborah's eyes lit up when she saw Trey.  Paul doesn't look like he is in a big hurry to walk Deborah forward and let her go... forever...
 Trey and Deborah ran to meet each other.

Their first kiss.
Their first hug.
The purity and innocence of it all is beautiful.
 Jacob carried in the Ketubah.  Caleb carried in the salt and jar for the salt covenant.
 David and Tovah
 Benjamin and Sarah
Titus and Teshuva

I tried to get the boys to smile, but I was told later that it was a solemn event and they weren't supposed to.  :)   
The little boys thought sunglasses and earbuds would go well with their suits.  So, I started calling them the FGSS (Flower Girl Secret Service).
 Trey and Deborah walking the aisle together.
 The farm was the perfect setting for the wedding.
 Trey and Deborah each wrote portions of their Ketubah, marriage vows they made to each other.  They read their portions aloud for us.
 Signing their Ketubah
Carson Hughes did an awesome job singing, "When I Say I Do".

Shannon and Paul each shared through scripture about different parts of the ceremony.

 Trey and Deborah exchanging rings.

Orin and Chantel sang a beautiful rendition of, "When God Made You"

 Trey and Deborah mixing the salt in the salt covenant.  Once mixed it can't be separated, signifying that the covenant can never be broken.

 Shannon and Paul praying over Trey and Deborah.

They shared a glass of wine.
Trey broke the glass so no one else can ever drink from the same glass.

The guys lifted the newlyweds up on a picnic table for the chair dance.

Next we celebrated the Marriage Feast.


Abbey said...

Beautiful! I am so honored to know families who have layed the foundations for these amazing biblical relationships. I wish we could have been there. But I will enjoy sharing the photos with our family until we meet one day!!


John said...

Hi guys, looks like a nice wedding and lots of fun. The young Deborah and Trey look very happy. Congratulations. Nice beard Paul, didn't hardly reconize you

Stacy said...

Deborah looked lovely. Looks like you were all having a fantastic time - congratulations!

As an aside, I noticed all the males in your family are growing out their hair. I presume this is less of a new family fashion trend and more a decision with either a theological or historical purpose behind it. Do you mind if I ask what it is?

Susan said...

You are right on both counts. The long hair is for historical but mostly theological reasons. We believe that the whole Bible is relevant for us today and that Yahwh's instructions (Torah) haven't changed. However, we have come so far away from His instructions in our dispersion that none of us have much of a clue how to follow them any more. As we search out scripture, we try to figure things out the best we can. In Leviticus 19:27 it says not to round the corners of your head, nor mar the corners of your beard. We have been trying to figure out what that means. In our research we found that the Israelites appear to have had longer hair in the past than we do now. As they became Hellenized (changing to the western culture) their hair got shorter. As the back got shorter and shorter to conform to the culture around them, many of them would leave the front long and tuck it behind their ears so it wouldn't be so noticeable. Today some orthodox Jews still do this and it is called a pe'ot. The puritans were called "round heads" because they cut their hair short around their heads. This was considered rebellious in their culture as longer hair was the norm. Throughout history longer hair has been considered both rebellious and normal. So, we are left with what does the Bible have to say. We believe that we shouldn't round the corners of our head and right now we are thinking that means we shouldn't cut our hair short or taper it much. It is hard to get used to because it has rebellious connotations in our culture and it's not as easy to manage. But for now this is where we are at :)

Anita Ramirez said...

Beautiful wedding and family!

Love, Anita Subbert Ramirez (Tracy's cousin)

Susan said...

Thank you Anita