Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The State Fair and Anchorage

 The time came for Dayton and Abigail to head back down to the lower 48.  Their good friends Jonathan and Brianna were getting married and they didn't want to miss it.  (Abigail says it was a really cool wedding).
David, Benjamin, Sarah and I had to say good-by at the Airfield in Nondalton.  Paul got to spend another day with them before he took them to the airport in Anchorage and brought the rest of the kids back to Nondalton.
Below Sarah is giving Abigail a good-by hug.
 Caleb on up got to go out with them to Anchorage.  They got to go to the State Fair, went and saw a movie, toured around Anchorage and had a great time.
Quentin got to sit in the copilot seat for the flight in :)
The first thing they did was take my list to Costco :)  Yea, I love not having to shop.  We don't shop very often (like every 3 months) so there is actually a fourth cart behind Josh A.!
The kids went to their favorite high fashion outlet "Value Village" (for those not familiar, it's a thrift store).
For some reason they had lots of costumes for sale ??? :(
Caleb and Anna are having fun with the hats :)
They cheered on the woodsmen having a contest at the State Fair.

Anna and Deborah
Elijah Lorentzen is in the window with Caleb next to him.  Paul and the kids got to spend the afternoon in Anchorage with Amanda and Elijah and their friend Michael.  The red hair happened at the State Fair.  There were only traces left by the time they got home :)
Quentin, Joshua and Elijah
One of their favorite stops was the Chocolate Factory :)
Josh A.
Dayton and Quentin bought matching shirts :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Sarah turned 5.  She is still adorable and it's fun watching her grow up (it seems to be happening so fast).

 We watched a movie for Sarah's birthday.  We had watched it before and the kids knew that the family in the movie made hats out of aluminum foil to protect themselves from the alien invasion. So, they all made hats so they'd be ready :)
 Abigail turned 19 and ,although she's married, she's still Daddy's little girl :)
 Josh A. turned 16.  So, we threw him a party and his Mom, Nana and Cheda Mary came down to celebrate with us.
He too, is growing up fast and becoming a fine young man.  He and Quentin are continuously coming up with good ideas to start businesses.