Thursday, November 14, 2013


Sarah turned 5.  She is still adorable and it's fun watching her grow up (it seems to be happening so fast).

 We watched a movie for Sarah's birthday.  We had watched it before and the kids knew that the family in the movie made hats out of aluminum foil to protect themselves from the alien invasion. So, they all made hats so they'd be ready :)
 Abigail turned 19 and ,although she's married, she's still Daddy's little girl :)
 Josh A. turned 16.  So, we threw him a party and his Mom, Nana and Cheda Mary came down to celebrate with us.
He too, is growing up fast and becoming a fine young man.  He and Quentin are continuously coming up with good ideas to start businesses.


John said...

Hi everyone, wishing Sarah and Josh a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I know you all had fun because, you are the funest family I have ever known. Take care, John

Susan said...

Thanks John! I know we always had a lot of fun up at your little cabin :)