Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Wedding Feast

After the ceremony we had a fun taking pictures.  

 Below the guys are carrying the chuppah up to the tennis center for the wedding feast.

 Will and Quentin were very careful transporting the cake.

 Abigail's favorite is pumpkin pie.
Abigail and Dayton make their grand entrance at the wedding feast.

 Luke did an awesome job with the sound system.
The wedding feast was going to be held outside by the lake but the forecast was for rain so we decided to use the tennis center.  It was a good thing, no sooner had everyone gotten in and settled down that it poured buckets of rain.  The tennis center worked out great.  There was lots of room for all the dancing.
The chuppah's from both weddings were set up with Dayton and Abigail's bridal party on one side and Aaron and Victoria's on the other.
 We cut the cake first because the heat was causing the top layer to look a little tipsy.

 Aaron and Victoria and Dayton and Abigail served the meat for everyone.

 Their first dance:)
 As soon as the slow music wound down Dayton and Abigail ran and got the rest of the bridal party and pulled them out to dance a song that Dayton's brother Will had choreographed.  It was really good.  You can watch it here

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