Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Ceremony

Dayton's father, Monty, drove Abigail and Dayton from the campground to the amphitheater where the ceremony was held.
Everyone else (the grandparents caught a ride) walked over in a long procession.
Quentin and Will directed everyone to the side aisles so they wouldn't disturb the rose petals.  (They look pretty formidable ;) I don't think they had any problems with crowd control :)
Caleb and Sarah were definitely the cutest couple .
Everyone stood for the entrance of the Bride and Groom.

Monty came down the day before the ceremony at the same time he had the ceremony planned for and it was very hot.  So, we were very thankful for the cloud cover that made the day perfect.

Paul and Monty said a few words of greeting and then Monty read some scripture.
David and Benjamin held up the Ketubah (marriage vows) while Dayton and Abigail read them together.
Susan's dad (above) and Monty's dad (below) prayed a blessing over the couple.
Sarah thought the ceremony was going a little long and asked Anna if she could sit down :)

At the end of the ceremony some strong guys lifted the newlyweds for the chair dance.

Sarah is very excited to have Dayton as her new brother.


Anonymous said...

Your fake Judaism is endlessly offensive, I see.

Susan said...

To Anonymous,
We are not trying to practice the religion of Judaism. We are trying to follow the Bible. If we are doing something that offends you because it goes against scripture, you will have to be more specific for me to respond to it.

Anonymous said...

Susan, Thank you for sharing the wedding. I find it to be authentic, beautiful, and reflective of your obvious love for YHVH and his Word. It's an inspiration.

Susan said...

Thank you for the encouragement!
May Yahwh bless you