Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wedding Dance Video

Dayton's brother Will choreographed a really cool dance to Teknon's song "True Love"
It starts out with Dayton & Abigail's first dance which lasts 3 minutes.  Then they run and get the rest of the bridal party to dance with them.

At the end of the evening everyone wanted to see the dance again.  So, here it is again from the front view this time and without the slow dance at the beginning.  They were all pretty tired by this point so it's not quite as sharp as the first one.

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Debbie Shepherd said...

I cannot thank you enough for sharing your family life with us. We are so blessed being able to see what you are all up to. So beautiful, so happy, such a joy to follow you all on this blog. We will continue to pray for each and everyone of you. May every blessing in Christ Jesus be yours always.
THANK YOU........