Saturday, June 22, 2013

Awesome Wedding

 Abigail is married!!!!
The wedding was perfect.  I can't think of anything that could have gone any better.
The shofar sounded at 8 am Sunday morning.  Below the girls are getting ready.
 Sarah was definitely the cutest.  We bought an extra dress and Abigail cut it down to fit Sarah and then used the extra material to put flutter sleeves on all the girls dresses.  The skirts were so long that Abigail was able to make a skirt for Sarah with the material left over after she hemmed them.  Yahwh provides!!!

 Below Abigail is waiting for Dayton with Mom & Dad, Grandpa and Grandma Rogers, and Grandma Effie. The idea is a little different than the standard wedding where the groom waits for the bride to make her grand entrance.  We are trying to paint the picture of the bride (the church) waiting for the groom Yeshua's (Jesus') to return. Dayton made a grand entrance not on a white horse, but in a white convertible camaro.  It was the closest representation he could find and it definitely made his new brother-in-laws happy.  They thought that was the best part of the whole wedding.  I"ll post pictures of his grand entrance when I get them.
 I"ll post pictures of the actual wedding when I get them.  Below is a picture of the ride they gave Abigail & Dayton in the traditional chair dance after the wedding.
 Taking pictures after the wedding was a lot of fun with the Warren family.

 The kids all think they are going to get to ride away with Dayton & Abigail.
 They didn't agree  :)
 Actually they did give rides during the afternoon until the wedding feast a 3 pm.
Sarah Warren made the cake and Abigail and the girls decorated it.  It came out beautiful.
 The wedding feast for Dayton & Abigail and Aaron & Victoria was supposed to be held outside but because there was a good chance of rain forecast, we moved it into the tennis center.  It was a good thing, because no sooner had everyone gotten seated inside, it poured like crazy.
 As you can see from Abigail's red back, they spent a little too much time driving around in the camaro before the wedding feast.
 Benjamin and Sarah dancing.
 Caleb & Sarah
 Haven't you taken enough pictures mom?
 Grandpa & Grandma Rogers enjoyed the dancing.  They move pretty good out there :)
 We had a fun time of telling stories about both couples.


Stefanie Lastra said...

such a beautiful wedding, praise Yahweh! I pray my daughters will have the same when they grow up! Amen!

lynn said...

At last the pictures! A beautiful bride and a wonderful joining of families. Congrats from the great state of Maine.