Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Trip to the States

Everyone laughs when I say we're going to be in the "states" for a couple months.  What is Alaska?  Haha, but anyways, we're down in the lower 48 states right now =).  We left Anchorage the 12th of March.

Lake Clark Pass
International Airport

We drove all night Monday and all night Tuesday with a few hours stop at Whitehorse and Liard Hotsprings to swim.

It was freezing at Liard.  Our hair got all frosty and our swimsuits froze as soon as we got out.

We have five drivers now so we were either sleeping or driving the entire trip down.

We spent Wednesday night at a friends house in Saskatoon...

...and got to Grandma Effie's house at three in the morning on Friday right in front of a big storm.

We spent the weekend at Grandma Effie's in a blizzard then headed out to a friends in Wisconsin then on to Family Week in Kentucky.

We're heading out from Grandma and Grandpa Rogers right now to visit friends and relatives till the middle of May.  It's been a ton of fun so far, I'll post more later.

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Julie said...

I just remembered that you were going to Family Week, too! Man! I wish we could have met. FW was a bit overwhelming and disappointing as far as meeting people for us. Oh well. Maybe some day.

Shabbat shalom,
Julie Nitz