Sunday, February 10, 2013


Deborah and Caleb turned another year older.  It truly is a joy to watch my children grow up.  They are such a blessing.
Below the kids made Deborah a pinata in the shape of a D.
Anna made Deborah a really cute owl cake.
Paul lit 17 candles for Deborah to blow out.

Caleb had 10 candles to blow out.  He's growing up fast.

Anna's cake had a problem that toothpicks couldn't fix so we turned it into another airplane crash cake, which the boys love.
Okay, I'm mad at the next picture because I can't get it to turn :(

Caleb got a remote control helicopter for his birthday.  It was fun while it lasted.  The boys were able to fix it many times.  It flew after it landed in the toilet (Caleb wanted to see it fly in the dark so he could see the beacon.  There are no windows in the bathroom.)  But I think landing in the fish tank did it in.  Quentin thinks he can get it going again.

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John said...

Happy Birthday Debra and Caleb