Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mom and Dad's Anniversary

On mom and dad's anniversary we spent most of the day at the Old City with the rest of our group.

Funny story:)  Deborah, Anna, Olivia, Havah, and I started out with about 30 shekels.   We bought pastry's, iced coffee, and chocolate milk.  When we were done we had 2 shekels left and we were going around to all the stores asking what we could by for 2 shekels.  They all said nothing so we decided to sell the boys some of our pastry to get more money.  They gave us 11 shekels so we went and bought a piece of pizza.  After we ate the pizza, we found five more shekels in Anna's pocket. We thought that worked good last time so we went and bought some more chocolate milk and tried selling it to the boys but they must not like chocolate milk as much as pastry's:) but then Shanea took pity on us and just gave us 20 shekels.  So we thought we should see how much money we could make so we started singing on the street corner.  We didn't make a lot of money but a lot of people took pictures of us:)  We bought ice cream with the rest of our money.  I think we did pretty good, we doubled our money:)

Sarah got our chocolate milk that nobody wanted.  She looks like she likes it.
Mom and Dad got fancy ice cream since it was their anniversary:)
When we got back to the B&B we all stayed there while they went out for supper at the mall.   


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Your pics and story's are awesome. I like to show them to Mom (Dorothy).

John said...

"HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" guys, looks like you are all having a good time. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Susan (Tex), Mom called when she saw the article in the Rutherford County paper about your wonderful family! I looked up your blog - looks like you have our hands full with blessings! Love the blog and adventures.
Christine (Tenie) Gettys Hull