Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Caleb and Kendra's Wedding

Last month was Caleb and Kendra Waller's wedding.  The got betrothed this spring and were married here in Israel.
Weddings are good places for family pictures.  This is the Warren family who we were living with.
In the group we're with there are five Abigail's.
And here are the three Sarah Elizabeth's in our house.
The bride waiting for her groom with her parents and sisters and sister-in-law's.
The grooms best friends.
As the groom came to get his bride they hugged for the very first time.
The wedding party.
We were seated in the balcony for the marriage feast.
So much good food.
Lot's of dancing.
A Jewish tradition is to carry the bride and groom around in a chair.  Kendra looks a little scared:)

There was a open mic for people to tell story's about Caleb and Kendra.  The boys are listening very intently:)


Sigalit Chana said...

Wow, how delightful =)

mackyton said...

Gratitude for sharing Caleb and Kendra's Wedding photos here. I loved these pictures a lot. Looking forward to more such interesting posts. At the domestic Los Angeles wedding venues we just got married and it was also a gorgeous day. Totally enjoyed it.