Monday, January 17, 2011

Moose Meat

We love moose meat. One of the young men in the village shot his first moose and tradition dictated that he give it all away. He gave us a large piece and the whole family helped cut it up.
For the mooseburger, we brought out the meat grinder and flexed our muscles.
We process the meat into roasts, soup bone, gyro meat pieces and mooseburger.
Quentin has become our jerky expert. He took a bowlful of mooseburger, marinated it and then got our three littlest ones to do the messy work (they loved it) and fill the gun that squeezes out strips of burger. He then put it in the oven on low heat until it dried into jerky.
Because we were in the middle of a great book, my job was to read out loud to everyone.
After all that work we had time for play!

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