Saturday, January 8, 2011

Deborah's 15th Birthday

Smoke is billowing around Deborah as she just finished blowing out her 15 candles. We all enjoyed sharing her cake and watching her open her presents.

Sarah was especially eager to help.
Deborah is a beautiful, talented, young lady. She is quiet and compassionate but can also be very competitive. When I check up on the kids chores, Deborah is usually the one who has already done hers. We're studying Hebrew as a family. I studied modern Hebrew for four semesters in college, but Deborah has a special talent for it and is able to correct me when I mess up my genders. She loves to read and if she finds an especially good book you can find the younger kids gathered around her as she reads to them.

When Deborah finds an exceptional book she'll get me to read it aloud to everyone. Often Paul will become absorbed in it (which the kids love) and we'll take turns reading. Just a couple of nights ago we were reading and the whole family was crying together. I was reading and Paul reached for a tissue, I held out my hand expecting him to hand it to me, loving husband that he is. He didn't see me and proceeded to blow his nose and daub his eyes, I looked at my empty hand and the kids burst out laughing. Paul, being quick, said "Oh did you need that?"


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