Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Heading home

Paul and Abigail had a wonderful final week in Israel. They really enjoyed their time of fellowship with the Travis' and the Glik's in Sde Boker along with all of the new friends they made. I don't have any pictures of their final week yet, so I'll write more when I get them. They are almost to Amsterdam as I write this. Then they are on to Seattle and finally Anchorage. If all goes as planned it will take them almost exactly 24 hours to make in from Tel Aviv to Anchorage. I'm trying to keep the shopping list small while they are in Anchorage. I think they'll be kind of tired. They'll arrive in the evening and head out to Nondalton the next day.
Needless to say, the kids and I are getting quite excited for their homecoming!

All of the kids have been wonderful. They really stepped up and helped out with Paul and Abigail gone. Deborah and Anna have taken up the slack for Abigail and Quentin and the rest of the boys have been taking care of the manly jobs that couldn't be put off.
Below Quentin and David are putting 50 gallons of oil into the tank for the apartments so it doesn't get too low with the turn of cold weather we've had. We woke up this morning and the entire lake was frozen over.

Quentin pumping oil.

David is making sure the hose doesn't fly out.
Sarah always wants to go whenever anyone goes anywhere. So she is cheering her brothers on.

We made it almost to the end of the month without any mishaps and I praise God for that. Yesterday we kind of blew though. Joshua put a hole in his chin while ice skating, Sarah found out that the wood stove is hot, and I ended up going to the clinic for seven stitches in my thumb because the can of beans I was opening needed a little help. To top it off I can't take pictures of any of this because Benjamin tossed me my camera when I wasn't looking and it landed right in my cup of tea. Quentin advised me to let it dry above the furnace for a couple of days before trying to use it. We'll see...

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