Saturday, November 20, 2010

17th Wedding Anniversary

Our 17th Wedding Anniversary passed while Paul and Abigail were in Israel. Here we stand in wedded bliss and if you'd have told me that 17 years later we would have nine children and be living in Alaska, I would have thought you were crazy! Seventeen years later, I wouldn't trade places with anyone in the world. I love the life that God has given us and the man that God has given me.

Paul just keeps getting more handsome every year!
Paul picked up a couple of steaks while he was in Anchorage and our wonderful kids prepared a delicious meal for us after they decorated our basement guest room. As good as the meal was, the service was even better because the kids were so cute. The boys found white shirts and a couple of ties to look like waiters and they found Sarah the perfect dress. They were very excited about serving us. They gave us the doorbell (it's detachable) so we could press it for service.

Anna is serving us our salad with choice of dressing.

The boys came running at every ring.

Sarah volunteered to taste the food for us.

We look forward to our Anniversary every year partly because the kids make it so special.

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