Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tazimina River

The Salmon are running into the lake so this has been a crazy week of netting fish and canning them. Paul's Mom is here visiting and doing lot of work helping out. I'll post pictures and recount the whole affair in another blog. Everyone has been working hard so Paul took the kids for a well deserved break up the Tazimina River that empties into the lake just across from our house. The kids said the water was much warmer up there than it is in the lake by our house making it so much fun to play in (it's all relative and very cold.) They kept floating down the river and then Paul would give them a ride back up. They all had a wonderful time.

Quentin getting dunked by Deborah.

Benjamin and David
Benjamin, my four year old, being a sweet big brother to his almost two year old sister Sarah.


Some beavers have been very busy on the river.

Paul driving the boat for the crew.

The scenery on the river is gorgeous.

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