Monday, July 5, 2010

Benjamin's 4th Birthday

Benjamin celebrated his 4th Birthday. He always has a smile on his face and that was especially true on his birthday.
I think we all had as much fun as he did.
Tava came down and had some cake and ice cream with us. She was born on the same day as Benjamin.Deborah planned and prepared the party games. Below the kids are trying to eat a marshmallow off a string. We also played one of my favorites called "the wild goose chase." You use words in the Bible to give hints to locations. For example one of the clues was Genesis 15:17 21st word. The teams look it up and find oven. The go to the oven and if their team is the first one there they find a picture of a goose. The team with the most geese at the end wins.
Below Abigail is helping Tava find the target for her arrow.
Abigail and Deborah are enjoying their cake and ice cream.Deborah and Anna made Benjamin a pinata in the shape of a B. Below Benjamin gave it several good whacks.
I put Sarah on my lap to change her diaper and she was so exhausted from all the fun, she fell asleep before I finished.

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