Saturday, April 24, 2010


We hosted the Passover meal for the group of Believers in Nondalton. It wasn't an entirely traditional Seder, we wanted to follow the pattern that God laid out for the Israelites on the first Passover as they left Egypt. Paul gave a short study on the Passover emphasizing how Jesus became our Passover Lamb, how He died to atone for our sin and then how He rose on the Biblical Holiday of First Fruits, perfectly fulfilling one of YHWH's appointed times.
Then we we ate together.
Exodus 12 describes how the Israelites were to prepare for that first Passover. We didn't go so far as to put blood on our doorposts nor did we have a lamb to roast with its head, legs and entrails. We did roast some lamb over the fire however, and we ate as it describes in verse 11, ready to travel with their staffs in hand The boys cut enough staffs for all the men to have one. Acting out the Bible really impresses it upon young minds.

Sarah wanted to hold a staff too, such a cutie!

A few days before Passover the Martin's were working on an instructional dance video. It was a gorgeous day to praise and worship God on the lake

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