Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lavonne's Birthday

Lavonne celebrated another birthday. We had a couple of parties for her over two days and she got several nice cakes. Below is a picture of the delicious cake her Mom got her.Lavonne's son Josh was very creative and made colored cupcakes. We had fun sticking candles in all the cupcakes and lighting them.

Sarah is helping Lavonne blow out her candles.

Sarah really enjoyed the cake, especially the frosting.
Being the ever practical gift giver, I bought Lavonne a cast iron skillet. She can use it for the rest of her life and it will always remind her of me!

Knowing that she loves beautiful things, I also gave her a necklace that was special to me because some friends from South Africa gave it to me.
Sarah is admiring her necklace in the picture below.
It has been a real joy watching Lavonne grow and mature over the last few years. She loves the Lord and finds real joy in reading scripture and applying it to her life. Often, she will call me on the phone and tell me about a passage she has just read. She always has wonderful insight. She and her son Josh are great neighbors and cherished friends.

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