Sunday, March 14, 2010


Two years age Paul & Abigail took a two week course to become ETT (Emergency Trauma Technician) (first responder) certified. Paul's motivation was to become knowledgeable since he usually gets to help out if there is an emergency in the village. This year Abigail renewed her ETT certificate, Deborah earned her ETT certificate and Paul went to class for close to 3 weeks and earned his EMT (emergency medical technician) certificate.
Paul and the girls had lots of fun with the emergency scenarios.
Below Abigail, Betty and Jesse are securing Paul to a backboard.

Below Deborah and Rollie are working to strap down a young man with a simulated head/spinal injury.
I gave Abigail and Deborah credit for Health Sciences in their home schooling. It was a fun way to do school, especially when they got to practice driving the ambulance.
Paul finished his test Monday and before the results were even back, he was asked to be on call when both health aids had to leave the village because of personal emergencies. The health aid left Friday assuring Paul nothing would happen, he just had to answer the clinic phone (the only mobile phone in the village) and tell people that the health aids would be back Wednesday. Of course not two hours after he stepped on the plane the clinic phone rang with a request for a medivac for a six year old boy. After an hour of apprehension, Paul determined that while it wasn't an immediate life or death emergency, the boy did need to get to Anchorage to get his medicine changed and it had to happen before the health aids were scheduled to return. So, Paul spent the next four hours learning a great deal about the Alaska Native/medicaid health program. He finally got all the paperwork straightened out and had the boy and his father on a plane to Anchorage.
Please pray with us that the clinic phone doesn't ring with another emergency until the health aids return.

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