Saturday, November 14, 2009

David's First Trip to the Dentist's Chair

David is five now and he was quite excited for his first official trip to the Dentist. Dr. Jane has looked in his mouth for a quick peek before, but this was his first time to take the chair with the lead apron and smile big while his teeth get their picture taken.Every six months Dr. Jane and two or three dental assistants come to Nondalton for a week. She checks the kids and gives them a new toothbrush. Lucy is lining David up while Curtis takes his picture with the x-ray machine and his camera (I forgot mine).
Dr. Jane gave David a good check up and found no cavities, yeah! The dental team stays in our apartments when they come and we have lots of fun showing them around Nondalton and, at least in Dr. Jane's case, introducing them to village life. The kids love towing them on our snowmachine (term for snowmobiles in Alaska).The power is back on. We were only out for most of two days. That was plenty for Paul as he moved the generator back and forth from the house to the apartments to make sure the apartments didn't freeze up and to keep the refrigerator's cool. It gets old fast. The phones were out for a day after the batteries went dead in the phone shack. The phones are supposed to reset once the power comes back on, but they never do. So, Paul has a key to the phone shack and he goes in and pushes all the buttons that are flashing and resets the trays. He's not really sure what he does that gets it going again and that sort of bothers him. He likes understanding how things work.


Jennifer said...

My son is a little nervous when I told him that we will be visiting the dentist next week. To prepare him for his check-up, I showed him several custom dental websites and he was so relieved to see brave kids sitting on dental chairs having their teeth checked by the dentist. (I even showed him your son's photos! Thanks.) We also play pretend to help him familiarize with the clinic set-up and with some of the new design dental equipment that we have today. I'm so proud of my little boy!

By the way, your little David looks so brave, you must have been so proud, too! Thanks for sharing these photos!

Kenneth said...

I never had a fear of dentists. Maybe because I grew up near a dentist village and all of my friends were sons and daughters of dentists in Columbia Sc. Even my best friend is the son of a great columbia dentist.Maybe that is the trick. Just expose your child to what she/he fears and eventually learn to accept that fear is just a vague yet manageable thing.
Lovely post!