Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sukkot, Thanksgiving and Puerto Rico

Grandma Effie is an awesome gardener.  She definitely has a green thumb.  Below we're harvesting the potatoes with the help of the Massey and the antique potato harvester.

 In the background, you can see the set up we lived in all summer.  The kitchen and pantry were in the trailer and under the blue tarp we had a very nice shower :)
 By the time Sukkot rolled around it was starting to get cold outside so we built two sukkahs in our half built house.  One for eating in....
 ....and one for sleeping (and playing in)...   It was so nice in there that we never did move back to the motor home.  After Sukkot we just started living in our new home and continued to build all around us :)
 Dayton and Abigail, Ronen and Aiden showed up just in time to give us a much needed boost.  We were racing to get the house insulated before it got really cold.
 Dayton put in some long hours covered in insulation :)  He's the man! :)
 We put in dense pack cellulose and it turned out great.  All winter our indoor wood furnace kept the house nice and warm even when it was -22 out!
Trey and Deborah with Zadok and Benaiah made it up for a quick visit and we were able to take a family photo.

We got everything insulated and took off for a well deserved break.  We headed to Grandma Rogers' house first for Thanksgiving and a family reunion with my side of  the family.

 Quentin replacing the 32 pin charging port on Tshava's ipod  :)

Quentin made a fun video while we were there.

Next we headed to Puerto Rico to visit the Warren's. 

Puerto Rico is an extremely diverse little island.  It has a desert, a rain forest and everything in between. We spent a day at the Rain Forest. Below we climbed a tower for an awesome view (and a little fun with the panoramic picture :)  )


lynn said...

So glad to see this update to your blog (saw it awhile ago finally able to respond) It is wonderful watching the family grow. I hope the transition back to the lower states is going as planned. Lynn

Jenifer Moss said...

Hi there!
I came here randomly for searching thanksgiving day ideas!
I like the on everyone's faces at dinner table! Even the pool pics are amazing!
Keep living like this! Stay together!
Wish you a Happy Thanksgiving day USA 2017.

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