Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer of 2016

The Brendemuhl Family – Masons

We are repurposing a big shed to be our home.  We found a date in the cement that Paul's dad put there in 1959 when he built it.  It has served as a barn, machine shed and grain bins. It was built to last, it is still in great shape!
We are building a root cellar in the center portion and we had a truck bring us some cement out.
When he pulled in and saw us, the cement truck driver asked Paul if he had any help.  Paul pointed to all of us and the truck driver said, “well, there’re a lot of them…”   It all went well and by the end of the second day we were getting pretty good at it J

It’s a blessing to have the root cellar in place and all joined together with the rest of the house.  The walls should go up quickly now and we’ll be ready to put in the electricity.  Quentin has done most of the work in the main part of the house and he’s got it ready for the electricity and sheet rock.

The guys put in a custom tiled shower in Nondalton to practice for our new home here in North Dakota.  It turned out great and my new shower is looking good so far J
Below David is reading a book while waiting for an opportunity to help work on the house.  When I asked him why he was hiding back in my bedroom, he said that Quentin knew exactly where he was if he needed him J  

We’ve gotten to take a couple of breaks from our labors J   We went to one of the biggest air shows in the world at Oshkosh, WI.  It was awesome!


Caleb made a parachute for the gokart. I think he was inspired by the paragliders at the air show.


Deborah and Trey and Zadok (and their little chocolate lab puppy) came and stayed with us for two weeks while Trey worked for a friend who is a roofer in the area.

The wheat is just about all harvested all around us.

Grandma Effie’s garden is providing us with a lot of fresh vegetables.  We’re eating corn everyday and I’m trying to learn how to cook what’s ready when it’s ready.  It’s a big change from having a six month supply of frozen vegetables in the freezer.  I’ve been letting too much go to waste.  We put up a bunch of corn, beans, beets, pickles and the tomatoes are next.  I’ll get better J

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