Monday, June 29, 2015

Tazimina River to the Falls

We took off on a beautiful day up the Tazimina River.  As you can see the boys are ready for any bears we might encounter :)
Everyone stopped to play on a sandbar while Quentin, Anna, Lavonne and I kept going up river to see how far we could get.  Normally the river isn't high enough and we'd never gone all the way to the falls.  Today, the river was high enough.  
Quentin did a great job avoiding the rocks and we made it all the way to the falls.
 Anna hung out in the bow taking pictures.
The falls were awesome and it was a pretty cool ride getting there.
 We had a great time playing and swimming.

 Nondalton is nestled under the mountains along the lake.

 Benjamin turned 9 and Anna made some delicious treats to celebrate.

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