Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Brendemuhl Family Reunion

Dayton and Abigail have come to visit several times but this time Dayton, Abigail, Ronen, Trey and Deborah all came to visit and so we had our first Brendemuhl Family Reunion, very cool :)
Dayton, Abigail and Ronen got here first.  I hadn't seen Ronen since he was eight days old and none of the rest of the family had ever seen Ronen.  He is beautiful!!! He got held just about every minute he was here.
 Uncle Quentin
 Aunt Sarah changing Ronen's diaper.

 My boys made Ronen a Ronan gun while he was driving up the ALCAN to see us.
 Dayton took a turn homeschooling his brother and sister -in - laws.   Probability and statistics :)
Sarah cleaned up early and Dayton taught her to cash out while she was ahead :)

 It was close but Dayton beat even Sarah.
 They were playing for M&Ms and Dayton closed out the homeschooling session by teaching them to calculate and weigh out their winnings.

 Uncle Caleb

 We were working on a few projects around the house.

 Dayton supervised :)
 Paul flew out to Anchorage to pick up Trey and Deborah and we all headed to the Airport to greet them.
And play while we waited for their arrival.


Trey and Deborah, what a beautiful couple!!!
 The city is replacing the water lines and they got to our house.
 I wanted to get a family picture so we all headed outside.  The boys played in the mud while everyone gathered... they got sucked in and couldn't get out.  Dayton to the rescue!!!
The Brendemuhl Family


lynn said...

So glad you are all together, loved seeing the baby, he is adorable and such a mix of both his parents. Hope the pregnancy is going well and looking forward to more updates.
Blessings from Maine

Anonymous said...

It is fun to see pictures of the whole family. Praying for your transition!