Sunday, April 6, 2014

Invitation to the Wedding Feast

We've set a date for Trey and Deborah's wedding.  We are going to hold the Marriage Feast on the 18th of May on Grandma Effie's farm.  The farm is 5 miles east of Hope, ND.  We would love to have you come celebrate the Feast with us.  The ceremony will begin at 3 pm followed by a reception.  If you can come, please RSVP to
We needed a picture for the invitations so the kids went out and had fun taking pictures.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Deborah is Betrothed !!!

Deborah is getting married.  Praise Yah!!!  We are very excited to welcome Trey Lance into our family.  Trey lives in Minnesota about 2 hours east of Grandma Effie's house.  If you look at our posts from last year when we were at Grandma Effie's house waiting for Abigail's wedding you will see Trey.  We took two trips to visit the Lances       and
The Lances had us over to their place for a beautiful betrothal dinner.
Trey and Deborah got a semi-private table to themselves.
 Below Sarah (the youngest Brendemuhl) is sitting with Deborah and Tahan (the youngest Lance) is sitting in Trey's lap.
Trey's Grandpa visited the Hershey chocolate factory and brought back a huge (and delicious) chocolate bar.
Things are kind of crazy here.  We are in the lower 48 visiting with Trey's family and Grandma Effie.  We'll be traveling all over until Deborah and Trey get married then we'll head back to Alaska.  The wedding is set for May 18th at Grandma Effie's farm.  Everyone is invited.  I'll get more details and more pictures out soon.