Sunday, August 17, 2014

Spring in Nondalton

I'm going to jump back to last spring for a post. Dayton and Abigail came up to visit us and we had a lot of fun.  They came just as Deborah was making the decision that she wanted to marry Trey and with all the excitement I never posted a blog about their visit, so here it is...
Dayton and Abigail relaxing during our Shabbat study. The gold fish in the background reminds me of a movie we watched once where the fish followed the main character everywhere he went.

Dayton and pregnant Abigail heading up the mountain on a glorious day with the rest of the older kids.
I have to say, we live in one of the most beautiful spots Yahwh created.

 Joshua trying out his new snowboard.


 Towing on the frozen lake behind the snow machine (that's what they call them here in Alaska)
Abigail and Sarah
Dayton grew up snowboarding in Colorado, so he's pretty good.
He was showing the kids how to do it.

Down the mountain we didn't have much snow last winter, but the ground was frozen so we were able to go touring on 4 wheelers.

It wasn't all play and no work.  Dayton helped put a new floor in one of our apartments.
Then we all had a great time driving down the Alaska Canadian (ALCAN) highway together.


Luca said...

Beatiful photo!

John said...

Hi guys, as usual, having way more fun than anyone should have, lol. Makes me miss Nondalton, take care

Deborah said...

Dear Susan,
Once again you are doing a wonderful job with this blog. One of my favourites to follow. Love the photos. Keep them coming. We appreciate you allowing us a glimpse into Alaska and all that the Lord is doing.THANK YOU.

Susan said...

Thanks John!

Thanks for the encouragement!
Blessing to your family from Alaska