Sunday, July 20, 2014

Preparing for the Wedding

Preparing for the wedding was a lot of fun.  We had about two and a half weeks to get ready.  I think one of the reasons it was so fun is because it was all we had to do.  When we are home in Nondalton we are always being pulled by all the things that need to be done.  The phone never stops ringing and there is always something that needs fixing.  As a family for 2 1/2 weeks we were all working together on the same project and it was fun!
 Deborah took the time to teach Sarah to ride a bike.

The flower girl and the FGSS trying on their wedding clothes.

Trey's mom Tracy made all of the bridesmaids dresses except Abigail's.  Abigail wanted to tailor hers since she was eight months pregnant at the wedding.  It turned out great :)

 We had the scrap man come and haul off a lot of metal that we had been wanting to clean up eleven years ago when we were living there.  The coming wedding was a good excuse to finally get it done.

 Quentin, Paul and Dayton deciding how to attach the wagon wheel to the ceiling.
 Paul getting it done.

 It's amazing how well the steel building cleaned up.
 Tracy and Deborah hanging decorations.
 Quentin lifting Anna and Tegan with the loader to hang the bunting.

 The ladies took a trip to Fargo shopping for the wedding.  We were exhausted by the time we got to Costco to shop for the food.  The van was already full and we still had this much more food to fit in :)  Notice the pizza's stacked on the cart for loading.  When we left early that morning we planned on buying pizzas at Costco and bringing them home for supper.  It was about 10:30 pm before we made it home.  The guys back home scrounged something up for supper and still had room for pizza when we finally got home!
 We made it!

 The guys put the finishing touches on the chuppa...
 ...and put it in place.

 Quentin and Tyler decorating the drink truck.

Paul and Deborah took a few minutes to sit together.

 Grandma Effie's farm made a great campground and as the wedding guests gathered we had a wonderful weekend together.
 The Lance's brought their volleyball net and we had fun playing a lot of volleyball.

 We weren't sure what we should use for the chair dance so Paul and I volunteered to test a few options out. It was immediately obvious that the first bench we tried out was not going to work.  We didn't even have time for a picture before we almost fell off.
The guys did their best to send us flying off the picnic table (or at least that's the way it felt to me) but we hung on and decided it would work well for the chair dance :)


Luca said...

Where do you Live in Alaska?
Luca Boffa
a your fan from the Italy

Susan said...

Luca, We live in Nondalton, AK
Where do you live in Italy?

Luca said...

Susan,I'd love to meet your family,could you give me your home address?