Thursday, March 20, 2014

Quentin's 1st Solo

Quentin soloed!! It was very nice of him to wait until Dayton and I came up for a visit to do it. :)

 The whole family was at the airport to watch.

It's tradition to rip the back off the shirt you're wearing when you solo for the first time and have everyone sign it.  Quentin made sure to put a t-shirt he didn't care about over top of the one he was wearing before we could get to it. :)

Dad had to get the ripping started with his leatherman.

Then Caleb wanted to finish it off.

Dayton had to help him at the end.

Deborah decorated his shirt and everyone signed it after we got home.

Dad is already looking forward to all the shopping trips Quentin can make (and Dad not have to) now that he's soloed.

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John said...

Congratulations Quentin, you are becoming quite the young man.