Friday, December 20, 2013

Caribou Hunting

Paul along with the kids from Caleb on up got to go Caribou hunting.  Quentin and Josh A. went out in the first plane load and set up camp while Paul brought out the next load of kids.  You are not allowed to hunt the day you fly so they spent the rest of the day scouting out the caribou.

They also spent some time scoping out the caribou and

taking pictures :)

The next day the caribou were all too far away so all they could do was watch.  On the third day, after a good nights sleep, they split up into two groups.  Paul, Anna, Joshua and Caleb went one way and Quentin, Josh A. and Deborah went the other.  Paul's group was going to chase the caribou towards Quentin's group so Josh A. and Deborah could shoot their first caribou.  It worked great, Josh A. shot a caribou and then Deborah and Quentin collaborated to shoot another.  In fact it worked better than planned.  Paul's group came across a huge bull.  Their bull was so intent in watching Quentin's group that Anna was able to spend an inordinate amount of time sighting in on the huge bull.  Seconds before Paul exploded with Buck Fever Anna shot and killed the bull with one shot :)

Caleb and Josh A.
Quentin and Deborah
 They had to pack the meat about a mile back to the plane.
Paul started flying meat and kids home.
A hunting trip a few years ago taught them to leave one tent and survival gear for the last trip out.  On that hunt a fog rolled in after the airplane made its first trip out and they sat there for three more days until the fog lifted.
The antlers on Anna's bull barely fit into the C-172.


John said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. WOW! What a fun trip, I'm very proud of Josh, Deborah and Quentin. Pretty soon mom and dad can sit home and let the kids bring home the bacon, lol.

lynn said...

What a wonderful experience that will be forever talked about, so much to be proud of.

Leena Roy said...

I really enjoy reading and also appreciate your work.

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