Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Playing on the Tazimina River

We took advantage of a gorgeous afternoon to take the boat up the Tazimina River to play.  We put Regina's inflatable kayaks in our boat and took them with us across the lake and up the river.
 Below is a view looking out of the mouth of the Tazimina River at about a third of our village.  The rest of the village stretches out to the left and right.
 Deep red salmon were everywhere waiting to deposit their eggs.
 We found a huge bear track on the sandbar we were playing on.
 It took two boat loads to get everyone up the river, so Dayton was the bear guard while Quentin went back for the next load.
 Abigail needed some convincing that the water was much warmer up the river than it is in the lake by our house.  So, her loving husband, Dayton, helped her out :)
 Paul and Quentin brought the rest of us up in the second load. 
 Joshua and Quentin

 Benjamin and David
Lavonne got to come along too.
Dayton doing a flip off a big stump that had pooled a deep hole in front of it.  
Abigail, Dayton and I got to paddle the kayaks down the river for the trip home.
 It's a pretty tame river except for the many sweepers that you have to stay very far away from.
 While we paddled downstream, Paul took everyone else upriver until they bottomed out.  It was an easy matter to get out and pull the boat off the rocks.
 The kayaks made it to the mouth first.  In the picture above we are waiting for the boaters to come give us a ride across the lake.  The wind had come up so the waves on the lake would have been more work that I wanted to tackle.
 Susan (me) back on shore again.
 The lake is very, very cold.  In the picture above Paul and the kids went together as a group to bolster their courage as they faced the cold water.

Sarah in the midst of a bunch of fireweed.  The fireweed is our season indicator.  Throughout the summer the blossoms go to seed and the leaves turn red from the bottom first and climb up to the top.  When the top is red, summer is over.


John said...

Hi guys, I really enjoy the photos, brings back a lot of memories. Keep on blogging

lynn said...

Great photos. You are a family that knows how to carve out some fun.