Wednesday, October 31, 2012

David turns 8 & skeet shooting

I can't believe that David is eight.  Even my young kids are growing up.  
Anna made David the most awesome camouflage cake with an airplane crash and everything. 
 When the cake was lit the airplane went up in flames...
 and David got to blow it out.
 Deborah put together a really cool pin-the- propeller-on -the-airplane.
 In keeping with the airplane theme, David got a metal diecast C172 and Beechcraft Bonanza.
Paul and the kids spent a few hours at the dump doing some skeet shooting.





 Shooting wasn't the only fun they had at the dump.  The dump usually provides them endless amounts of pleasure.
An old washing machine drum got them rolling.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Working in Port Alsworth

I (Abigail) just got back from working in Port Alsworth at the Farm Lodge.  I made beds, washed dishes, set tables fancy and all that fun stuff. =)  The Farm Lodge and Lake Clark Air that my dad flies for are run by the same family.  It was nice, if I needed something dad was always stopping in since he flies out of there.  It took the pressure off packing. =)  I got to come home every Friday night then go back to work on Saturday. 
Inside the Lodge.
Right outside my room.
It was a ton of fun.  Not only were there awesome people to work and hang out with...
 And beautiful scenery...
The Beaver Pond
You can see more of my favorite pictures here -
 You get to do a ton of fun stuff working there.  
Like pick potatoes...

 Hike Tanalian Mountain...
Port Alsworth from the top of Tanalian.
 Watch the Northern Lights...
Sorry about these pictures.  They don't turn out very good on blogger.
You can see them better here -

 Hike to the falls...
You can see more pictures of the falls here -

 And go bear viewing just to name a few.
You can see more pictures of bear viewing here -
OK, so that's a ptarmigan not a bear.

Sorry for the photo overload.  It's hard to pick just a few pictures. =)