Monday, March 26, 2012


Lavonne loves birthdays.  It makes it lots of fun to throw her a party.

Her Aunt Dorothy and Alex along with her Mom and Cheda Mary came over for her party.

The kids are eagerly waiting for her to blow out her candles.

Lee turned 16 and my older kids along with Josh A. got to go down to Iliamna to help him celebrate.  They went snow boarding and had a blast.  Below Anna is contemplating the hill.

Quentin heading down the hill.
 Quentin after a fall, he got a huge egg on the top of his head.
A neighbors big dog joined in the fun and kept getting in the way.

Lee blowing out the candles.
Lee's mom made a delicious birthday supper and they had a wonderful time.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Going's On's

Well my good intentions of starting to post again haven't lasted long now that we're home.  Everyday things aren't quite as exciting as traveling to Israel:)  But we have done quite a few fun things this month.

Our High School and Jr. High teams played against some of the teachers and adults in town including Mom and Dad.  It was a fun game but they had a little size on us.
First Half -
Second Half -

 On a normal year we can drive our truck across the ice and down to Iliamna but this year we've almost broken the snow fall record in Anchorage and there is too much snow to get past fish camp.  Since we couldn't drive our truck down, we drove snow machines and 4 wheelers across the lake.  Mr. Clark came up from Iliamna to fish camp and picked us and a couple more people from town up with their van and drove us all down to watch Dennis Agajanian.
He is an amazing guitar player who has toured with Johnny Cash and now works with Samaritan's Purse touring around villages. 

 We had family fun night at the community building to raise money for the carnival .
It was a fun night filled with speed scrabble, but no good pictures.
(The boys weren't into scrabble so much.)

 Last week, Dad and the four oldest kids spent most of the week in Anchorage watching state basketball and helping some friends get a cabin ready to live in.  
We were a little crowded in the plane.
Mt. Redoubt steaming.
 Newhalen and Aniak boys both made it again and Newhalen won this time!  Yay, one championship for each of them.  I think they could have easily got first and second again but being as how they don't seed the 1A teams they ended up playing each other first.  That ended up being the best game of the tournament and they easily won the rest of their games but with a loss the first night the best Aniak could do was 4th.
Newhalen and Ft. Yukon captains.
Aniak warming up.
All the yellow warmups are their seniors.  They're going to lose half their team next year!
4th place game.
Aniak rather ran away with this game.  All the non-starters got to play.  Go Andy! Go John! :)
The Newhalen and Aniak girls also made it to state and also played each other first and the Newhalen girls also won the championship!!  It was a big week for Newhalen.  It was a little scary to watch the Newhalen girls.  They had a tendency to get behind in the first quarter then come back and win at the end.  It made for exciting games though:) 
Newhalen vs. Aniak
The Martins are in the process of moving to Wasilla and living in Ms. Regina's cabin.  Ms. Regina only lives there for a couple weeks in the summer so there was a lot of snow to be shoveled and monitor wasn't working so in between games we were up there working getting it ready for them to move. 
There was LOTS of snow.  We're talking record breaking snowfall here and a super long drive way.
Dad working on the monitor.

Plus all that, we've had just normal everyday things doing on.
Hazel and Sarah helping Deborah cook.
Caleb and Hazel doing school.
Dog pile on Dad.
Going fishing in the living room.
We've also had a few birthdays but I'll save those for later.