Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Joshua's Birthday

Joshua, my talented middle child, turned 11.  He loves to draw which inspires my younger boys to draw along with him.  He's been playing the drums and has just started playing the bass guitar.  Twice now in the last month Paul and the older kids have gone on a trip.  Joshua has stepped up as the man of the house, making sure we have enough wood and helping customers pick up their ATV's that Paul fixed before he left.

He got a box of Legos for his birthday.  He loves creating things.

Anna made a pinata for his birthday.  Below he's helping Hazel get a good hit on it.

After Hazel Joshua got to take the first hits at the Pinata.  Quentin made sure they weren't very good hits.

Anna made a cake and Josh A. made a cake.

The kids bought some trick candles while they were in Anchorage.  Joshua finally blew them out much to the amusement of his siblings.

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John said...

Happy Birthday Joshua