Friday, January 13, 2012

North Dakota

Well we've been home a week and a half.  There were record high temps in North Dakota and southern Canada and I found out where all the cold weather was hiding:P  It's been from -30 to 30 ever since we got home (and the above 0 days only lasted two days).
We spent a week at Grandma Effie's in North Dakota.  Our cousins came down for a day visit.  While they were there we took the chance to get family pictures.
The whole family.
Grandma and the grand-kids.
Dad, his sister Debbie, and Grandma.
We spent a night at the Lorentzen's house.

What happens when our family gets around video games.
This was how warm it was, Christmas Day and Sarah in short sleeves jumping on the trampoline with no shoes.
Sarah loved dressing up in mom's wedding dress.

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