Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Barrett and Devin

We've had quite a lot of excitement in the house the last couple of weeks.  Barrett, the oldest son in the Warren family, was betrothed to be married a couple of nights ago.  Barrett first approached his father concerning Devin over 2 years ago.  They decided he needed to wait until she was 18.  Six months ago Barrett approached Devin's father and they corresponded over the summer.  A few weeks after they arrived in Israel, Devin's father gave Barrett his permission to propose.  Devin had known about Barrett's intentions for several months and let her father know that she approved of the plan.  Barrett proposed in the old city of Jerusalem.  They announced their intentions the next day in the vineyard.  They are both playful characters and they came up with an elaborate skit to announce their coming betrothal.  They had us all pretending to pick grapes in the vineyard while a group of young ladies danced and musicians played.  Someone announced that Barrett should go and choose a wife, and so he did.  
He led her off quite willingly by the hand and then brought her back to let us pray for them.  He also told us the details of how God had brought them together.  The idea for their skit came because we were picking in the region of Benjamin where the tribe of Benjamin had lost all their wives and they choose new ones from the vineyards.
They had a beautiful betrothal ceremony.  Here we are posing for a family picture before the ceremony started.
Family Picture
Worship team.
Eddie blowing the shofar to start the betrothal ceremony.  You can just see the moon at the top of the picture.
Barrett washing Devin's feet.

They fed us all a fancy dinner.
Then we did LOT's of Israeli Folk Dancing.  The Warren's are awesome dancers so the kids have gotten in lots of practice since we've been here.  They had a great time.
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