Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wood Cutting Party

Our main source of heat in the winter is our wood stove. I love the uniform heat that fills the house from our wood stove in the basement. The kids enjoy going out with Paul on the snow machines and getting a load of wood to bring home. There have been some beautiful days lately and they have gone out several times on wood gathering parties.
Below Paul is trimming a tree he just cut.

Quentin and Josh A. are hauling some heavy logs to the sleds.
Benjamin and Sarah don't often get to go along, but it was such a nice day they got to go too.

Anna and Sarah taking a rest from loading wood.

Paul in the sunshine.

Quentin trimming a tree he just cut.

Paul and Quentin tying down the load.
Anna is enjoying the ride home. She and Deborah couldn't haul much of a load with their little sled.

Josh A. is driving he and Quentin home while Quentin films.

On a previous trip when the older kids were out without Paul they got to this slick spot and did a few doughnuts.

Quentin is afraid this bridge is going to collapse every time he goes over it.
They had to stop to tighten the load. As you can see little kids fall asleep on snow machines just like they do in the van on the highway.

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John said...

I like the sleeping part, the rest looks like to much work, LOL. You guys forgot to stop for Hot Chocolate.