Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Moon Celebration

Psalm 81:3 Blow the shofar in the new moon, in the time appointed, on our festival day.
As we have been studying the appointed times or feasts commanded by God. The day of the New Moon, which is also how God commands His people to start a new month, is included along with the Sabbath as one of God's appointed times. So, we have been celebrating the New Moon each month. Below Sarah is blowing the shofar for the new moon celebration.
The last few months we have gotten together and had supper together. This particular month started on the Sabbath. A Jewish tradition is to make challah bread and start off each Sabbath with the breaking of the bread and the drinking of wine. As we have studied the Passover it appears that this is what Yeshua's (Jesus') disciples were doing when they had their first communion. Yeshua tells us to do this in remembrance of Him until He returns. So we have been starting off our Sabbaths with the breaking of bread and drinking the fruit of the vine (grape juice) and remembering how Yeshua gave His life for us. The girls and I are getting pretty good at making challah bread (although if I am left to myself, I have to turn on a YouTube video to remember how to braid it.)
Below Paul is giving thanks for the bread.

And passing out the grape juice.
(notice Sarah's bangs, she did that herself! At least she only cut the front...)
Regina, a teacher in the village that fellowships with us, has a large living room. We use the new moon celebration as an opportunity to practice our circle dancing.

It's a lot of fun and good exercise.


Davis Bush Blog said...

Susan, I am so encouraged by you! Thanks for your blog. I love to hear how you are doing. I am going to make Challah tomorrow. I am doing a Beth Moore study and she has been referring to the celebrations and keeps mentioning one book in particular. I will find out what it is and let you know. You might already have it.. Hope you were able to soak in all the sun today. It was just so beautiful out. And the sunset! WOW!

Anders Branderud said...

Shalom Susan!

My name is Anders Branderud and I found your blog today.

I would like to write you a comment in order to help you in your walk.
You seem to realize that the Creator requires of us to observe His Torah, and I am happy for that. Also many nice pictures of your adventures in the nature!

You write this: “As we have studied the Passover it appears that this is what Yeshua's (Jesus') disciples were doing when they had their first communion.”

Rabbi Yeshua ha-Mashiach – the Messiah – came in the first century. He was prophecied to come in the first century,and is the only candidate of being the Mashiach – the Messiah. That I know we agree on.

If you read the prophecy in Isaiah 7-9 in Hebrew and related verses of the Hebrew Bible you will see that king Hizkiah was a partial fulfilment of that prophecy and he was a human, and not divine, nor a ‘Saviour’, nor a “Son of God”. Thus, neither the Messiah would be divine, nor a ‘Saviour’. The historical Messiah called Rabbi Yeshua taught his followers to pray to the Creator, not to pray to Jesus. One is forbidden to pray to any human according to Torah; and one is forbidden to pray to or worship Jesus. [Documentation]

If you are interested to find out what the Tana’’ch teaches about this you can read the provided links. If you want to live and follow the historical Rabbi Yeshua, you must teach truly about whom he was and follow his teachings. Hellenist redactors redacted who he was and redacted his teachings [Documentation]

All the best!

With care,
Anders Branderud