Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paul & Abigail off to Israel

Paul & Abigail are taking a Father- Daughter trip to Israel. At the moment they are standing in the JFK airport trying to decide if they have enough time to ride the subway to Manhattan and back.
The trip came about from a desire for Paul to take a trip with each of the kids as they get older. Paul & Abigail decided to go to Israel. They will be staying with some friends and helping some small farmers pick grapes and olives for the first two weeks. Then they are going to head to the Negev and visit friends near Be'er Sheva.
Whenever Paul leaves we usually have some good excitement here at home. Yesterday, Day 1, the city called and needed me to shut off the water to the house and the apartments (cell phones are great; Paul is only a call away). We were without water for a few hours. Then Angel, the dog we are dog-sitting ran away, Hazel, the 4 month old baby we are baby-sitting has a rash that the health aid had to come by and look at and the long distance phone service in the village went out. It all seemed kind of crazy as Paul called for help with the shopping list and a request for me to call Delta and find out why they were trying to charge them $110 for four bags that were supposed to be free. It was a gorgeous day and we also managed to harvest the carrots, onions and beets from our garden.
Please pray for Paul & Abigail today while they are in New York City and for the next month while they are in Israel. You could pray for us here in Nondalton too!
It's Day 2 only 30 left to go...
(That sounded kind of pessamistic. Actually we are all very excited for their trip and are eager to hear of their adventures!)


Savannah said...

sounds like it will be an amazing trip..praying for you all!

Z is for Ramble said...

Wow! What a cool idea to have a special trip with dad! Almost like a coming of age rite? Sounds adventureous.

Did the dog come back? Is the baby okay?

Susan said...

The kids went around the whole village looking for the dog. When they got back she was hiding behind the shed.
We've decided that baby Hazel's rash is because of the new all natural laundry soap her mom just bought. We're using disposable diapers to protect her skin from her clothes until they can get them all washed with the old stuff. Already the rash is almost gone.
Thanks for asking!

Susan said...

Thanks for your prayers!