Saturday, July 19, 2008

Home Improvement

All last week we had a family, The Anderson's, at our house helping to do little jobs around the house. They come here on the 7th and left on the 12th. The day they came, right before they got here our oven broke. I think that is the fastest we every got anything from Anchorage:) Dad didn't even know about it. He was out flying when it broke, so Mom called of Dima and asked him to get a new part. Dima decided we needed a new oven so two hours later we had a brand new one:)
Before Oven
After Oven

While they were here we put walls in the "cubby holes" to be storage space. They put shelves in the girls room where we have cubbys.
They took the wall down between the computer room and the living room. It made the living room huge! Joshua and Noah pulling nails. Noah is the only boy in their family of triplets and a older daughter.
Cooking hot dogs.
Our family and theirs.

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