Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We went to Aniak on Saturday to visit the Brueckner's and came back on Monday. We were going to go on Friday but it was too windy. This is David, Caleb, Joshua, and Troy playing guns.
We were playing twister. It's a lot funner when some one calls it out instead on spinning the spinner. We got really twisted up. The pictures don't do justice to how twisted up we were:)

When one person falls down half the other people fall down; like dominoes:)

Benjamin likes playing too:)

We were playing a sort of pointless game like keep away. For being a pointless game it was a lot of fun:)

Rescue (the dog) likes playing too.

This is their little 3 month old baby Macy.

We were really crowded in the plane but it wasn't really that uncomfortable. On the way there it was really windy but it wasn't that bumpy. It must of been in everyone's head because 5 out of 8 kids got sick.

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