Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Carnival Weekend

This weekend was the carnival here.

Here's all the 3rd-6th graders lining up for the three legged race. Larina and Danielle, the girls on the far right (if your looking at the picture) won.

Here is every one having a water balloon toss.

This is Lacy getting her hair sprayed with hair spray paint.

Here is Tia with her hair sprayed getting her nails done by me. Anna is in the background trying to knock down all the milk cans with a ball.

All the adults playing Indian Bingo (not Bingo).

Dad won the 22. shooting contest.

Ron Richter had a bow and arrow shooting contest. How it worked was that there was a pulley with two bags of water hanging from it. You had to hit your bag of water and make the other persons bag hit the ground. Dad won that too. He hit his bag it one shot.
Hope you had a good weekend!

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